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Professional Help Filing the FAFSA for Student Aid

Our team of professional Student Aid Advisors is here to help you file the FAFSA
accurately and guide you through the process--every step of the way

  • Access more than $238 billion in student financial aid
  • File with extensive error checking and help
  • Get unlimited access to a live advisor
  • Receive daily status tracking and notifications
  • Maximize your aid eligibility for as little as $79.99
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Experience and Quality

We have 20 years of experience and have processed over 1 million FAFSAs.
I have always been scared, worried, and exhausted when it comes to getting the FAFSA done. My advisor was very professional, and educated about what I needed to know. Thank you for doing such a great job. I will definitely use you in the future and will tell friends and family about you. You were a lifesaver.

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Terrick M., Bedford Heights, OH

Using a FAFSA Preparer

We are private company not affiliated with the Dept. of Education.
While the FAFSA can be filed for free via paper or electronic forms without professional assistance at, many people choose to use a FAFSA preparer (just like a tax preparer) to provide personal advice, consultation and review of their important FAFSA application. If you are looking for Free FAFSA Assistance click here.

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